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2 Apr 2019 by Chris Dunkerley in: Groups

Group suspended from 20/3/2020

See letter here: https://sawtell.uca.org.au/nsw-news/sawtell-church-services-suspension-due-to-covid-19/

Tai Chi & Qigong

To help, during this time of isolation and lack of exercise - keep up your Tai Chi:

Video: 10 minute morning Qi Gong exercises:


Video: Shibashi standing (2 mins):


Video: Another 10 minute morning start the day


Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1 (23 mins) - by Master Wing Cheung


Five element Quigong (12 mins) https://youtu.be/_6Y8QSVyYhM


On resumption: Each Friday (during school terms only) – 9:15am to 10:15 am   

Gold coin donation for charity.   Held in our Church building

Started in 2015, during our first full year, ie. 2016, we attracted between 14 and 22 people each day, who enjoyed the sessions. This continued onto 2019 and 2020 as Heather and her helpers lead us through the movements.

You would also be welcome to join us! No commitment required, just come when you can – many have holidays or other things to do . Our leader Heather would love to introduce you to her activity.

Both women and men join in, so you are invited to come along and try it out!

Follow the imagery below to help learn the Lotus movements

The Lotus

Lotus movements Video: Follow the movements and say these words ..

The Emperor comes to the pagoda at the edge of the water, and watches as a gentle breeze rustles the leaves

He looks down the lake, and sees a turtle treading water

Nearby  a snow rabbit is digging in the thawed earth

Across the lake a young maiden scoops up water, and sprinkles it on the earth

A lotus plant puts down its roots

and sends up a beautiful flower

The wise man in the village tests the wind in the east, and he tests the wind in the west

The Emperor lifts the sky

then presses the earth

he gathers energy from the earth

As he looks across the lake he sees a while crane spread its wings in the morning sun

The snow rabbit still digs the earth

A gentle breeze is rustling the leaves

and day has begun!

This group is part of our UUFIT Program: We aim to unite ourselves and others in our community through friendship, fitness, fun, interests, information, insight - for physical, spiritual, and mental health.