As a people journeying together we affirm our calling under God:

  • to preach Christ the crucified and risen one and confess him as Lord;
  • to bear witness to the unity of faith and life in Christ, rising above cultural, economic, national and racial boundaries;
  • to engage in fearless prophetic ministry in relation to social evils which deny God’s active will for justice and peace;
  • to act with God alongside the oppressed, the hurt and the poor;
  • to accept responsibility for the wise use and conservation of the finite resources of this earth for the benefit of all;
  • to recognise, treasure and use the gifts of the Spirit given to all God’s people for ministering; and
  • to live a creative, adventurous life of faith, characterised by openness, flexibility, hope and joy (based on a statement from the inaugural worship service of the Uniting Church in Australia, June 1977).

An extract from our Sawtell congregations draft Mission Plan:

Our mission is to share Gods love in meaningful way with our local community by engaging them in targeted well-being programs.

The programs will also expose them to the love and support of a caring Christian fellowship and thereby provide an opportunity for them to get to know our Lord.

Our plan is to build on the strong foundations laid by the church past where we were recognized for our inclusiveness, stability and our commitment to support and encourage those around us through special organized community events [such as ANZAC breakfast, Golf day and Christmas Carols at Golf Club“].

Our congregation in April, 2015 adopted our UUFITT program which is our outreach program. We aim to unite ourselves and others through friendship, fitness, fun, interests, information, insight, teaching, theology. We presently have Tai-chi, table tennis and Kreekers (paddling) groups which meet regularly along with social dining groups which have either lunch time or evening gatherings. Last year we had a small group who met weekly for English conversation. From time to time we have a Bible study group as well.