Who We Are

Our Sawtell Church is a small active congregation which is drawn from the villages of Sawtell, Toormina,  Boambee East, Boambee and Bonville; all south of Coffs Harbour.

The congregation meets together, and centres it’s activities, in our multi-purpose building at 24 Elizabeth Street, Sawtell. We share the Rev Myung Hwa Park as Minister, with Coffs Harbour Uniting Church.

The congregation as it developed has been part of the Sawtell community for very many decades.

Formerly known as St Paul’s, for the past 40+ years, since Union of a number of denominations, it has been part of the Uniting Church of Australia family. This latest building, which replaced an A Frame church on the site, had the first service held in it on 5 April, 1998.

We have been a lay-led congregation for most of the past decade, with a number of gifted people giving of themselves in God’s service to our gatherings.

Note: On Sunday 13 January, 2019 Rev. Myung Hwa Park was inducted as a Minister of the Word here. On 17 January, 2021 she moved to new spiritual ministry elsewhere, and we resumed fully lay leadership.

Church Council 2021/22 - Colin Robson (chair),  Liz Pearson, Linda Morgan,  Anne Taylor, Ray Wicks, Chris Dunkerley

Congregation Office Bearers 2021/22:  Chair - Desley Morgan, Treasurer - Liz Pearson, Secretary - Nita Robson

Presbytery PCR Representatives: Ailsa Braid, Ray Wicks

Our Community:  https://sawtell.uca.org.au/our-community/

The Basis of Union states: The Congregation is the embodiment in one place of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, worshipping, witnessing and serving as a fellowship of the Spirit in Christ. Its members meet regularly to hear God's Word, to celebrate the sacraments, to build one another up in love, to share in the wider responsibilities of the Church, and to serve the world. The congregation will recognise the need for a diversity of agencies for the better ordering of its life in such matters as education, administration and finance.

As a congregation we, and many as individuals, seek to assist our community through involvement in other organisations, through our own groups, to young people though schools religious education, and to those in need in Australia and overseas. At the same time nurturing and love within our congregation is a priority.

A history behind the 'basis of union':  https://listeningtothebasisofunion.com/

Uniting Church structure: https://nswact.uca.org.au/about-us/our-structure/

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